Solar Gadget and Mobile Phone Charger 
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Solar Gadget and Mobile Phone Charger

Solar Gadget and Mobile Phone Charger

Mobile gadgets aren't much use without a mobile power source. Why not make use of the sun's free and infinitely abundant energy to recharge your mobile phone or iPod? The solar panels charge 2 x  internal 1300mAh Ni-MH AA batteries(included) which in turn will recharge your mobile phone/iPod/MP3 player or any number of digital devices. Alternatively, the solar charger's batteries can be recharged via a USB port. The device is also equipped with an adjustable stand so you can place  the solar panel in the optimal position for maximum sunlight. This is a very handy device and one of the best mobile back-up power sources we've seen. Don’t travel without it.

•  2 x AA Ni-MH batteries included
•  Lanyard included
•  Mobile phone connectors for  Nokia, Motorola, Samsung & Sony Ericsson
•  Recharge devices that use USB or  Mini-USB (connectors included)
•  Dimensions: 94(L) x 60(W) x 25(D)mm

Code: MB3589
Price (each): $49.95

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