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Specific benefits:

1.Simple to understand, set up and use.

2.Lite green switch acts as sensory reminder and as a night-light.

3.Suitable for stand-alone appliances as well as hubs of appliances.

4.Users can use with their existing (perhaps high-end) power board.

5.Additionally acts as an ordinary-duty 1.2m extension cord –except safer.

6.Suitable for the most applications.

7.Not limited to saving standby power; accessibility markets exist eg. disabled, elderly, workshop.

8.Creates a reduction in:

•fire risk due to appliances being switched off 100%

•the effect of surges on appliances when switched off.

9.Writing panel allows custom identification of connected appliance/s.

10.Fastest ROI via eliminating standby.



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Price (each): $19.95

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