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PREPARE FOR NEXT FIRE SEASON NOW! SUMMER SPECIAL 2 Litre RTU's  WAS $171.30 Now Discounted to $95.00 limited run out stock available


If you live in a fire prone area the suppressant/retardant KILFIRE is an absolute must, this is one of the most exciting products we here at enter  have ever come across. 

  • is both a fire suppressant and retardant
  • is food grade quality, with no toxic chemicals it cannot harm livestock or waterways.
  • is available in quantities to suit standard size water containers, extinguishers and knapsacks. It is also available in 1 and 2 litre RTU’s to click onto standard household hose fittings
  • is effective on bush, grass, timber, brush fences, peat, oil, fat, mulch, hay, crops, buildings, cars / machinery, canola, spinifex, shale, magnesium, subterranean fires…………the applications are almost endless
  • saves enormous amounts of water – typically using 60% less water than standard fire fighting methods
  • was developed in Australia and is 100% Australian owned and manufactured
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    Based on advice from the manufacturer we here at enter recommend you purchase two x 2litre liquid KLR2 Liquid RTU hose connect applicator bottles.

    If you are caught in a situation with a fire front approaching, the first bottle can be used to saturate your home and surrounds, soaking all vegetation and tree foliage and of course yourself and family if escape is not possible. The bottles simply clip onto the garden hose and you are in action. The product will remain effective and protect all that is sprayed from fire for 12 days, so its ideal for those home owners under threat to spray and leave well before any fire activity approaches.

    If you were forced to stay and take refuge in your home cover your self and family with blankets sprayed with Kilfire, as the front passes use the second bottle to extinguish any spot fires etc.

    Ensure you have a generator if you use electric pumps (do not rely on your mains water or power supply ) or use a petrol or diesel pump and budget for enough water in your tanks to always be there to do the job (at least 2000 litres ).

    Liquid RTU

    A ready-to-use applicator that can simply be clicked onto a standard garden hose fitting for application, avoiding the needs for tanks or pumps. Treats up to 500m²



    2007 September 13 go here  

    Kilfire is a series of proven benign, environmentally safe range of products with various types of application systems and devices to suit a wide cross section of markets. It is a total and new concept for eliminating and/or preventing fire in all areas including bush/forest, household and industries. It rapidly extinguishes oil, fuel, overheated tyre fires and mining fires e.g. shale and magnesium. Used as a retardant, it can protect fabric exteriors, Dry grass scrub and trees or most porous materials in the threat of fire, building materials, brush and thatch fencing/roofing. PDF: download

    The products success is based on a combination of cost effective powder and liquid technologies, Formulated over the past 18 years in Western Australia, and tested all over Australia, a simple application with a choice of extremely high benign concentrates manufactured from a food grade product base, eliminates fires in minutes if not seconds, decreasing huge quantities of emission/pollution into the atmosphere saving billions of litres of water.

    The man depicted in the pictures above sprayed his cotton overalls with Kilfire, he moves through a 700-1000 degree fire and the temperature inside his overalls is 45 degrees. 


    Available Products


    -  1 & 2 Litre Liquid RTU (Hose-on applicator)
    -  Powder - Produced to suit all size Tanks

    -  9 Litre Extinguisher Vials
    -  16 litre Knapsack Vials

    for more commercial and farming applications, price on request.

    PDF: download
    Price (each):
    KLR1 Liquid RTU (hose-on applicator) 1L  $94.30 
    KLR2 Liquid RTU (hose-on applicator) 2L SUMMER SPECIAL  $95.00 
    KPL20 20 Ltr Drum Professional Liquid makes 20,000 litres.  $1,804.00 
    KP130 Powder 130g  $65.00 
    KP165 Powder 165g  $78.60 
    KP200 Powder 200g  $94.30 
    KP265 Powder 265g  $117.85 
    KP330 Powder 330g  $154.00 
    KPK2 Knapsack powder 2x3g  $27.50 
    KPK6 Knapsack powder 6x3g  $65.70 
    KPE2 Extinguisher powder 2x3g  $26.25 
    KPE10 Extinguisher powder 10x3g  $117.85 

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