Orange Pumps UP600 &  UP700, Subaru 7HP Fire Fighting Pump 
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Orange Pumps UP600 & UP700, Subaru 7HP Fire Fighting Pump

UP 600 & UP 700 Features:

- Marine Grade Aluminium casing & yoke

- 304 stainless steel shrouded impeller

- 1.5" or 2" suction port

- Removable suction and discharge ports

- 3 way discharge ports 1.5" & 2x1" BSP

- Subaru 6 & 7 HP OHC petrol Engines

- Oil Alert protection

- 3 year Factory Pump & Engine Warranty

This renowned Subaru/ Robin engine is supported nationally by a network of specialist authorised service dealers


Orange Pumps has developed a unique range of engine driven pumps for fighting fires and other water transfer applications by combining high pressure, high volume and excellent self priming. The Utility Pump has been developed in Melbourne over many years by an experienced team of engineers.

Integral to the design of the pump is the torque tuned impeller which maximises the engines horse power enabling more pressure to be delivered with every increase in revolution of the shaft. The UP range is unique in the market by delivering up to 120 metres of pressure from a single impeller.

Pressure is only really useful when it is delivering volume and the UP range can do both. The wide vanes on the impeller can allow large volumes of water to pass through. The UP range can produce up to 550 litres per minute or around 250 litres per minute at an operating pressure of 60 metres.

UP600 Performance

Self priming quickly is critical for fire fighting applications. The UP range of pumps use a single impeller which out performs twin impeller units when priming. The UP range can prime in under 1 minute with a 3½ metre vertical lift, which is five times quicker than the industry average and even higher for twin impeller pumps.

The impeller is constructed from a single piece of cast aluminium which is far stronger and more reliable than impellers that are glued, bolted or riveted together. Each impeller has been balanced and tested to reduce wear and tear on the engine bearings caused by shaft movement from non-concentric forces. The impeller features a self clearing, wide vane for small solids handling.

The Utility Pump can be used in Deep Well applications by connecting the smaller pressure pipe going down the bore to one of the discharge ports on the flange. A DC79-20 or DC54-20 deep well kit is recommended depending on the depth.

UP Range Features:

  • Recognized Engine Manufacturer
  • Torque tuned Impeller
  • Impeller balanced and tested
  • Single cast wide vane Impeller
  • Impeller clearing vanes
  • Dual threads
  • Built in check valve
  • Single cast Diffuser
  • Deep Well Kit DC79-20 or DC54-20

UP Range Benefits:

  • Strength and reliability
  • Proven engine reliability
  • High volume and high pressure
  • Twin impeller pressures from a single impeller
  • Easy to prime
  • Quick suction performance
  • Longer engine bearing life
  • Small solids handling
  • Choice of pipe threads

UP Range Specifications:

  • Subaru EX21 6.0hp Elect
  • Inlet - 50mm (M) or 40mm (F)
  • Outlets - 25mm (M) x 2 & 50mm (M) or 40mm (F)
  • Priming - 25mm (M)

M: Male thread   F: Female thread


Price (each):
UP700 Petrol Pump.  $1,540.00 
UP700 Petrol Pump Electric Ignition.  $2,447.00 
UP600 Petrol Pump.  $1,210.00 
Heavy Duty Roll Frame to suite.  $275.00 

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UP700, Subaru 7HP Fire Fighting Pump