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Your enter shop has selected a range of quality fire hose kits and accessories and  very reliable and robust diesel & petrol engine driven pumps, suitable to transfer large quantities of water and to assist with fire fighting. There are many pumps on the market that will barely last their warranty period if over worked, so do not compromise. If you live in a fire prone area a faulty water pump may cost you more than the dollars needed to replace it, it could cost you your life.

If you live in a fire prone area the retardant KILFIRE is an absoloute must, this is one of the most exciting products we here at enter  have ever come across.  

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Visit For the latest fire risk and weather info.

Fires & Warnings

Find current CFA & DSE fire and incident details, and issued warnings for Victoria.

Fire Ready

Be prepared. Have a plan. Survive a fire.


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Diesel Engine Fire Fighting and Transfer Pumps

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Petrol Engine Driven Fire & Transfer Pumps

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Fire Hose Kits SUPER DEALS

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Fire Hose Fittings & Accessories

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Water Warrior Knapsack


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